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Sidomex Universal understands the importance of collaborative teamwork and constantly strives to embark on projects that provide a diverse viewpoint and allow everyone's voice to be heard. No topic is off-limits as we explore subject matters most organizations shy away from. In doing so we are excited to have won multiple awards and aim to upkeep that standard.

Born From Passion

Sidomex Universal exists with the belief that excellence can be found in the unlikeliest of places and needs the platform and opportunity to shine. We welcome those with a passion to share their ideas and are willing to put in the hard work to make their dreams a reality. We work closely with creatives to explore areas that would not ordinarily be brought to the limelight. At the end of the day entertainment is in the DNA of everything we do.

Who We Are

Sidomex Universal is a leading multifaceted entertainment company focused on bringing great ideas and visions to reality across the African continent. We strive to produce quality digital entertainment such as movies, tv series, shows, music, books, and software for avid consumers. We believe inspiration and great ideas come from collaborative teamwork and often welcome exciting projects with individuals and organizations.

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Sidomex Universal

We also organize showcases where newcomers in the industry can meet and interact with industry professionals to learn from their expertise and develop necessary relationships with individuals in the industry, which will help boost their careers.

Mentorship Programmes and Initiatives

We also offer various initiative and mentorship programs/showcases, where writers, directors and other individuals from all aspects of the creative industry, can avail themselves the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, and thus break into the entertainment field, armed with the necessary skills and know-how for the tasks ahead.

The mentorship program for directors is designed to imbibe in them, the necessary skills required for the entire process of production. The writers’ mentorship program is aimed at preparing writers for meaningful employment in television, and other media-related platforms.